Parableman returns

I’ve taken over a year off of blogging, since my old blog stopped working. ┬áIt wouldn’t let me update anything, It’s just frozen, so I couldn’t even put up a post explaining what was happening. But I’ve got a new blog on the same server, and I can keep the old one online for whenever I need to link to something. There’s just a small difference in the URL.

As I’m setting this up, I’m not quite on top of things healthwise. I have a 100.6 degree temperature and an ear infection that was just diagnosed an hour or so ago, and I also have a large amount of grading to do in the next week, so I’m not about to write any major content right now or design the site the way I’d like. But the blog Parableman lives in this new form, and I’m excited to put at least something up. Maybe some stuff that does’t take as much thought will follow if I’m up to it and have time, but you can look forward to fresh content appearing here sometime in the near future.